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Process Innovation

The EaWR (Electricity at Work Regulations) Scheme involves electrical testing and inspection then remedial works at 2000+ Yorkshire Water assets. To carry out this work, MMB are required to obtain a Handover Certificate from Yorkshire Water. As the works are spread throughout the Yorkshire region, the MMB team were travelling great distances daily to obtain these written documents.

The MMB Project Leader took it upon himself to create a database to automate the original paper handover form.  Now MMB can complete the details for the individual sites, then ping an email and an SMS to the responsible operator, which allows them to approve or reject through an external web page.

The electronic handover system will create around £145,000 worth of time and cost savings per year versus an engineer travelling around the region obtaining paper permits (EaWR Scheme only)

  • The amount saved could be used to test and remediate the electrical systems of 28 Water Pumping Stations.
  • The resulting reduction in drive time equates to an annual average saving of ¾ of a ton of CO2 emissions

Rob Hoyle, Project Manager, Yorkshire Water said, “MMB have recognised a long standing problem and grasped the opportunity to improve the way that we work. The EaWR electronic handover system will realise efficiencies as well as promote safer handover of sites. MMB are to be congratulated for taking the initiative on this issue.”